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Whilst shopping for a Mother’s Day present, I chanced upon Table Style by Liz Belton & Rebecca Tanquery. I knew I had to buy it the minute I laid my eyes on it! The inspirational pages within made me conclude that I want to throw breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner & cocktail parties for every occasion!

You don’t need to spend lots of money to create a fabulous table setting. Fill jam jars with seasonal flowers and purchase pretty patterned material from flea markets, Spotlight or online. Accessories like lanterns and origami paper can also be found in Asian two dollar stores. Find creative ways to layout your food and create seating name tags for your guests and viola! A totally DIY wow experience! (And if you don’t have time to prepare heaps of food, do a potluck!)

Like mother always says, food always tastes better when well presented.


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Lollies and more lollies.

Amy Atlas creates the most amazing table of lollies and other treats for a plethora of events. I absolutely ADORE the colour coordination and all the different themes she plays around with! See those jars on the left hand side filled to the brim with lollies? The.. jeanie (??) looking bottles?? If you’re living in Auckland, those jars can be bought from French Country.  I saw them in a cafe the other day and thought they looked so amazing. If I held more events at home I would definitely buy them!

My cousin, Andrea, lives in Singapore and she’s the most amazing baker ever. Plus she has a good eye for design and colours. You can check out her blog here. Go into her archives and look at for her cupcakes and macaroons. DELISH! She might not know this yet, but when I have my wedding, I’m shipping her over to New Zealand 2 months in advance so that she can make me an Amy Atlas table of treats JUST. LIKE. THESE. Yay I’m so excited!

Drea if you’re reading this… please keep that in mind 🙂

Anyway, time to start a day of reading a dreadful textbook again.

SYL! xoxo

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