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Today marks my first Valentine’s Day as a wife and putting all the hallmark festivities aside, I’ve taken time to remember how blessed I am to have such an amazing hubby, family and girlfriends. Through the ups and downs, I’m so glad that I’m surrounded by lovely people who make up the different facets of my life and that I can always find someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, and someone to confide in. I remember a quote that goes along the lines of, “Our greatest achievement is to be truly known and still be truly loved“. So on this Valentine’s Day, lets aim to truly know others and to still love them just as we would want to truly be known and still be loved – flaws and all!







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Sorry again for the long haitus! I really should make posts a regular occurrence! So one of the most exciting things that has happened recently is the engagement party! It was long overdue but we were both so touched by how many friends came to celebrate such a special occasion with us.

Two of by closest friends made brownies and heart shaped cookies and some other baked goods were catered. I pulled out all my mother’s vases and white serving dishes as I wanted to keep the colour scheme silver and white with red highlights. My sister and I found the R heart L from Typo and thought it would be a fantastic center piece that could also be used as a central theme for all events and photos leading up to the wedding. Red & white roses of different heights were placed in small vases & pseudo vintage milk bottles and placed all around the living room, coupled with masses of tea light candles and a string of fairy lights – definitely adding a romantic feel to the atmosphere!

Such an amazing and unforgettable night! Love was definitely in the air : )

Photos by myself and amazing friend Melissa Mcgregor.

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