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So close yet so far!

I tried on this Vera Wang gown from her Spring/Summer 2011 collection the other day. I was so ecstatic with my luck of being able to find this particular dress because I really wanted to try it on after seeing a few pictures online! Of course I did not purchase it, but it was the very first dress I tried on while out with my mum and sis so it was very special.

I definitely felt like a spoiled princess and it made my coming wedding seem all the more real. Exciting!



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Gastroenteritis has forced me to be bed ridden over the last week. Spent days suffering from nausea, was constantly throwing up into the toilet bowl and even had to miss my first end of semester exam. I hope the uni accepts my application for missing the exam and hopefully my department will give me a decent overall grade 😦

I’ve learned how much i really, REALLY love food! I’m craving roti prata and chicken curry! I scoured through cook books (which i really shouldn’t have done) and swore to make lots of lovely dishes once i got better. In the meantime, I’m so sick of asian porridge….. bleah.

I’ve been eating more adventurously ever since last night though! Little bits of rice, chicken, fish and even some chocolate! You can be sure i’m gonna get my hands on some curry, roti prata, and a delicious plate of pasta as soon as my tummy can handle it.

While I was bed ridden, I tried doing some blog surfing but even scrolling up and down the pages gave me motion sickness and i then i had to spend half an hour sitting on the toilet floor. BUT BUT BUT. I found something very delightful!

Design*Sponge might be coming to Auckland soon!

(Image from Design*Sponge)

The exciting part is that they were given a very extensive list of things to do and places to go in Auckland and were kind enough to share the destinations with us readers. I’m going to make it one of my aims to spend my mid-semester break going to some of these places.

I’ve already been to quite a few of the cafes and have to say, the list doesn’t include some of my personal favourites. But yes, I want to travel around Auckland and document all these cool places so that my FRIENDS IN SINGAPORE (hello!) will be more enticed to come visit me and realize that Auckland is NOT a farming village just because the shops close at 5pm.
SYL! xoxo

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Time is of the essence

Check. Check. One two three.

Life = mundane, unchallenging, blobby..?

So in order to escape the drudgery of university life, I have let Sky TV, Facebook and other acts of passively unproductive addictions take over me time. Gosh.. I’m already in my early twenties and only now has it hit me that I’ve wasted so many hours of my life doing nothing. Therefore, in an effort to be more productive (lets forget uni work for a moment), I have finally decided to restart this  site and have a little FUN. oh happy happy joy joy!

But why CUPCAKES??

Because they’re small, they look adorable and once I bake them I can judge whether I did a good job or not. That’s why baking is so addictive! Because the results are so black and white and when you’re done, you go, “oh my gosh i’m so awesome” or “oh my gosh i’m going to fail as a housewife”. okay so maybe that’s a bit extreme.

Truth be told, cupcakes are not something I really love to eat. What I really love  is making things look pretty! And decorating cupcakes seemed to be a feasible, attainable goal. However because I force my friends to eat the plethora of cupcakes my family cannot eat by themselves, much effort has been put into ensuring that they taste good too.

I’m going to use this space to document my efforts and my failures while using it as a tool to keep me on track with my new goal of making life a little more productive and (hopefully) good looking.

So here’s to the start of a new journey that makes life a little less mundane, little more challenging, and a lot more sweet 🙂

SYL! xoxo

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