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Tea & Minis!

I baked these mini chocolate marble swirl cupcakes for a girls social a few weeks ago and displayed them with my mum’s yellow teapot!

The fluffy frosting on top did NOT turn out fluffy AT ALL so I was extremely disappointed. Ended up throwing in a whole lot of icing sugar and thankfully it made the icing a little bit more “fluffy”. But other than that I was still disappointed. To make up for the flatness, I sprinkled some edible gems onto them and it turned out looking much better!

The recipe for the cupcakes called for me to make the chocolate sauce that was to be swirled into the vanilla batter. Sadly, it turned out all mushy and disgusting instead of nice and oozy. I’m really no pro when it comes to certain things. So I did what every great chef does in times of trouble! CHEAT! I ran straight to the fridge, pulled out my Hershey’s chocolate sauce and then squeeze! squeeze! squeeze! over all the cupcakes! YAY! It made feel very delighted indeed 🙂

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the display on the actual night of the social so these are just a few pictures that I took the following day. Next time I really should start documenting my baking process too! That would be fun.

I’m on a two week holiday now and I have done absolutely no studying! I’m in the midst of procrastinating right now and should really be reading my marketing textbook. Alrightee-oh I better get back to it!

Hope you’re all enjoying the lovely Auckland weather!! GET UNDER THE SUN WHILE YOU CAN!

SYL! xoxo


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