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Melissa Rose Photography

Melissa is an amazing friend who’s just starting up her photography business. She’s done so incredibly well taking amazing photos and I’ve been honoured with the opportunity to help her practice her photography skills! Even though she’s just starting, her hidden talent is shining through and if I’m not mistaken, many people are starting to take notice and she’s getting more and more clients each day!

So a few months ago, my mother bought my sister and I a new skirt which characterized a bit of feminine craziness and of course, was absolutely gorgeous! (My mum is amazing!) I’ve always had this secret dream to have photos taken in a forest with a huge, chiffon skirt and Melissa has made that dream come true!

To know more about Melissa Rose Photography, visit her website by clicking here.

You can also check out her facebook page.

This is Melissa:

She’s an amazingly friendly girl and I know you’d love her : )

Head gear: Diva

Necklace: Forever 21

Top: Country Road

Skirt: Gift shop next to Benson Road Deli

Boots: Overland


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