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Summer Influence


I know it’s Winter in Auckland but I can’t help but be in love with the bright solid colours we’re seeing in Zara‘s summer collection. I really dislike wearing only dark colours (black… black… and more black… ) in winter anyway. Bright colours just make winter so much…. happier!!




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I’m loving the neutral hues and soft, light materials of Chloe’s 2011 Summer runway collection.

The new ballerina theme inspired by Black Swan is so feminine & timeless; especially the crepe jersey and rayon silk pieces.

I’m definitely taking these pieces as inspiration for bridesmaids dresses and gowns for wedding festivities!

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NZ Fashion Weekend Fun!

Sorry that I never ended up making the Cake Pops! Uni has taken up so much time that I never got round to it.

Anyway, NZ Fashion weekend was fun fun fun! Haven’t seen so many fashionable ladies in one place at one time. Ann scored some pretty good buys and I had an awesome time hanging out with Josi and Jess 🙂

We managed to see the Sera Lily show after waiting around for what seemed like ages.

Josi and I then headed over to the Fashion Week wrap up party to have some late night fun! (thanks Josi!!) Although, I think my highlight was going to get bubble tea, then realizing we were hungry, so driving over to macs to get mc chicken burgers and then having an even later night supper with even greater conversation!

Glad I ended up doing something refreshing over the weekend after such a horrid week of uni. Now to bring on more horrid weeks (and hopefully some cake pops along the way!)

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Navy & gold buttons!

I’ve been looking for outerwear like this for quite awhile now – classic, sophisticated yet casual!

Plus i’m just a sucker for gold buttons & really into navy at the moment.

There are some pieces that just never go out of style and I’m pretty certain these are perfect examples.

Why doesn’t J Crew ship to New Zealand!!!!?

Images from J. Crew

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Enough said.

Image from Mr Talented.

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The minute I laid my eyes on this lovely lady, I didn’t think she merely looked pretty, attractive or just nice.

This lady looks beautiful.

To me, the term ‘beautiful’ strikes me as a word that describes what is beyond the mere surface. It describes a pure, truly feminine and inherent part of every woman and sometimes, some women have the ability to exude their inner beauty with the perfect outfit.

This woman is wearing the perfect outfit.

Note to self: Choose clothes more wisely so as to always look truly beautiful! “Lazy” shall no longer be in my fashion vocab!

P.S. I want to be bold enough to wear such an amazing jacket like that!

Image from: Street Peeper

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Image from J.Crew.

Absolutely LOVE this dress from J.Crew!

Love the gold colour, the cut, the swirls of golden lame cloque & the fun bubble hem at the bottom. Plus you can dress it up and down!

Lust is such a terrible bane and oh, what a dent in the pocket it makes!

Sigh.. back to studying  😦

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