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Valentines Day Macarons

On Saturday, I made my first attempt at macarons to give away as little Valentine’s Day treats to my girlfriends who came over for lunch. Not to my surprise, nothing went according to plan to the point where I thought there was something seriously wrong with the recipe! Plus to add to my frustration, my weighing scale died on me so I had to guess my measurements when making the white chocolate ganache. In any case, I was extremely that, a) there were no cracks in little macaroons, b) they were still edible. So yay!


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Chocolate is a necessary daily fix for me (along with a fantastic Flat White). So when I found a recipe that combined it with some of my other favourite things:  lemon curd and meringue, I just had to try it. It took pretty much the whole afternoon so don’t attempt to try baking this if you’re in a rush. I served it at a friends going away party and everyone loved it even though the cake wasn’t as firm as it should be when I started cutting the slices. At the end of the day though, it was still superb!

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Since I’m not in a rush to hand in any assignments this week, I thought I’d grab the opportunity to try out a new recipe – Chocolate coffee cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish cream frosting! yum yum!  Thanks to my friend Ashely’s addictive blog and finds, I found her link to Ming Makes Cupcakes and got the recipe off there. So please check out both Ashley’s blog and Ming Makes Cupcakes!

Meet Candy! She’s here to basically do all the work for me and I honestly can’t live without her. BEST FRIEND EVER!


Mixing the dry ingredient, and then in another pot, melting the cocoa with one stick of butter over the stove

After mixing both together, I use two normal sized dinner spoons to scoop the mixture into the cups

BEFORE (filling each cup up till about half-way)


Make the icing:

End result!

Now let’s play around with the camera…

The End!!

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The Cupcake Abode cupcakes!!! Made these last year with my friend, Josi. They were for my sisters bake day again and so we took the opportunity to bake some cupcakes together. The frosting turned out a little bit too soft so it was hard to pipe it. But overall they still looked presentable so we were satisfied!

The recepie I normally use for the frosting is from the Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook. There is a lot of icing sugar in it (like 8 cups) so I personally find it very very sweet! But when you add some citrus flavours e.g. adding lemon rind, it tastes sooo much better. Well at least you can’t taste the icing anymore. I’m still on the hunt to find other good frosting recipies though. So if you know any that work wonders for you, please let me know! Especially one that is easy to pipe.

As a nice finishing, I put the rose that I made at my Wilton Cake Decorating Course on one of the cupcakes. Made the whole thing a lot prettier! That rose took me quite a few times to master so the one in the picture is one of the best ones I kept. It’s not very yummy to eat as there are no diary products in the ingredients but it’s nice to look at anyway!

Well this is my last post for this week because I’m leaving for a camp that starts tomorrow. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

SYL! xoxo

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I made these last Spring because I’m a chocolate addict and especially love it when my chocolate is steaming hot and oozy! I got the recipe from Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess‘ book. I really love Nigella’s books because they’re so personal and the way she writes makes it seem as if she’s just standing next to you and guiding you through. Of course with these babycakes, knowing how your oven works is an absolute must because even though recipes give the temperatures to cook at, I find that each oven is always different. Especially if their of different wattage.

If you’d like the recipe, click here! Nigella has a great website and is kind enough to share quite a few recipe’s with us for free!

I’m still studying for a marketing test and getting awfully distracted. Plus I’m leaving for a camp on Friday and have a game to organize so there’s lots to do!

SYL! xoxo

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My fifteen year old sister, Ann, often has bake days where the girls in her class have to bring home baked food to school and share the delights with their classmates.

(The school is discretely training them to be Stepford Wives – a quality I am ecstatic about for when I am old, fragile and needing lots of good cooking and loving! Yes. My sister is gong to cater to my every need. She signed the contract when she was born into my family. Har har har. Evil laugh.)

BUT since Ann often doesn’t have to time to bake, she normally asks me to whip up a batch for her and I never waste the opportunity to bake for others because it gives me an excuse to try new things when I’m catering to different events and people! Just too bad that this time all Ann wanted was plain ole’ vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing.

P.s. When I say “whip up”, I actually mean spending the whole afternoon baking and decorating the little cupcakes. You’d think that after baking so many batches, I’d be spending less time (like maybe 2-3 hours) in the kitchen, but I am sorely mistaken!

Ann requested for a blue, white & silver theme and it was my first time making mini cupcakes so I was very excited!

I absolutely loved the colour theme and the mini cupcakes were soooo cute!! I love how their so bite size compared to the normal cupcakes which can some times be too overpowering especially if the buttercream is very sweet. I only have one mini cupcake baking tray though so it took me a while to actually finish everything.

However, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with these little minis and so here’s to many more to come!

SYL!  xoxo

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I baked these a year ago during exam season and now that I’m in the midst of studying  for summer school exams next week, I feel like eating them again!

Only problem is that I should really be using my free time to run or do some other form of exercise because man do  I feel like a lazy blob just sitting on my bum all day.

Someone bake me some snickerdoodles please!

Back to studying………

SYL! xoxo

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