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Movie Night!

Chanced upon a Movie Night inspiration by Camille Styles and absolutely fell in love with the idea. We often have DVD nights with friends but nothing much quite like this! . Check out their behind-the-scenes video for great ideas Behind-the-Scenes :: Movie Night!.

Definitely setting the mood for the weekend!


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Whilst shopping for a Mother’s Day present, I chanced upon Table Style by Liz Belton & Rebecca Tanquery. I knew I had to buy it the minute I laid my eyes on it! The inspirational pages within made me conclude that I want to throw breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner & cocktail parties for every occasion!

You don’t need to spend lots of money to create a fabulous table setting. Fill jam jars with seasonal flowers and purchase pretty patterned material from flea markets, Spotlight or online. Accessories like lanterns and origami paper can also be found in Asian two dollar stores. Find creative ways to layout your food and create seating name tags for your guests and viola! A totally DIY wow experience! (And if you don’t have time to prepare heaps of food, do a potluck!)

Like mother always says, food always tastes better when well presented.

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I’m loving the neutral hues and soft, light materials of Chloe’s 2011 Summer runway collection.

The new ballerina theme inspired by Black Swan is so feminine & timeless; especially the crepe jersey and rayon silk pieces.

I’m definitely taking these pieces as inspiration for bridesmaids dresses and gowns for wedding festivities!

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Enough said.

Image from Mr Talented.

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Pretty pretty pastel ice cream sandwiches!

Such an ingenious idea with the hundreds and thousands & the cookies look like ginger biscuits to me. One of my favourite colours is turquoise so if i found a tub of it i’m sure it would be gone in a blink of an eye : )

No matter how down I’m feeling, looking and making pretty things seem to always cheer me up. Even if just for a moment of escapism and a glimpse of  how the little things bring joy to people’s lives. If someone around you is feeling down and dreary, I encourage you to think of something creative and simple that will bring a smile to their faces : )

Little things go a long way.

It doesn’t cost a lot to touch the lives of those around you.

Images from Ada and Darcy.



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The minute I laid my eyes on this lovely lady, I didn’t think she merely looked pretty, attractive or just nice.

This lady looks beautiful.

To me, the term ‘beautiful’ strikes me as a word that describes what is beyond the mere surface. It describes a pure, truly feminine and inherent part of every woman and sometimes, some women have the ability to exude their inner beauty with the perfect outfit.

This woman is wearing the perfect outfit.

Note to self: Choose clothes more wisely so as to always look truly beautiful! “Lazy” shall no longer be in my fashion vocab!

P.S. I want to be bold enough to wear such an amazing jacket like that!

Image from: Street Peeper

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