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“A party should be an experience in which the guests are active participants and not passive attendees. The things that make a party personal (are the things) that make a party great. Chances are, if people are coming, they like something about you. Give them a little bit of that.”

– Elizabeth Fraser of YOU + ME Boutique Design House



Source: RUE Magazine Issue Five May/June 2011

Happy Valentines Day!


Today marks my first Valentine’s Day as a wife and putting all the hallmark festivities aside, I’ve taken time to remember how blessed I am to have such an amazing hubby, family and girlfriends. Through the ups and downs, I’m so glad that I’m surrounded by lovely people who make up the different facets of my life and that I can always find someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, and someone to confide in. I remember a quote that goes along the lines of, “Our greatest achievement is to be truly known and still be truly loved“. So on this Valentine’s Day, lets aim to truly know others and to still love them just as we would want to truly be known and still be loved – flaws and all!






Valentines Day Macarons

On Saturday, I made my first attempt at macarons to give away as little Valentine’s Day treats to my girlfriends who came over for lunch. Not to my surprise, nothing went according to plan to the point where I thought there was something seriously wrong with the recipe! Plus to add to my frustration, my weighing scale died on me so I had to guess my measurements when making the white chocolate ganache. In any case, I was extremely that, a) there were no cracks in little macaroons, b) they were still edible. So yay!

Chocolate is a necessary daily fix for me (along with a fantastic Flat White). So when I found a recipe that combined it with some of my other favourite things:  lemon curd and meringue, I just had to try it. It took pretty much the whole afternoon so don’t attempt to try baking this if you’re in a rush. I served it at a friends going away party and everyone loved it even though the cake wasn’t as firm as it should be when I started cutting the slices. At the end of the day though, it was still superb!

Gifts under NZ $50!

The most joyous celebration is fast approaching and the season to be jolly is finally here! There are so many things to look forward to. The smell of pine that exudes from the Christmas Tree, actually decorating the Christmas tree, being surrounded by loved ones, exuberant amounts of delicious food and presents! Yet the more I think about it, I think the one underlying thing I look forward to every Christmas is tradition. I look to the fact that every year we go to church in the morning, go home and eat a massive Christmas lunch and then the whole family sits around the Christmas tree exchanging presents while sipping on cups of coffee and fruit cake. There’s nothing that can replace the family tradition of coming together to enjoying everyone’s presence – something very hard to come by nowadays seeing as our live only seem to get busier and busier!

Yet despite the joy of the occasion, I think we all know how stressful it is to buy everyone a decent present while keeping within a budget! I find that in Auckland, it’s hard to find something tasteful without unnecessary splurging so I’ve expanded my horizons and decided to shop online instead. Here are some favourite picks:

1. Korres Party Survival Kit from ASOS – NZ $30

2. Kate Spade Desk Top Spiral 2012 Calender – NZ $49

3. Country Road Cosmetic Bag – NZ $44.90

4. NARS Kuroko Nail Polish Set – NZ $45

5. Portfolio Clutch from ASOS – NZ $40

6. Cath Kidston Travel Bag Set from ASOS – NZ $30

P.S. Don’t forget ASOS does free shipping to New Zealand! YAY!

This post-wedding period has left me still head-over-heels for anything and everything pastel and covered in sparkles (yes, very cliche I know). So of course, my Christmas outfit is inspired by Rachel Gilbert’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection.

Streamline, glamorous, sophisticated, and all I want for Christmas!

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