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Planet Cake

Hey guys!

Sorry for not updating this week. After camp I was so busy studying for a test on Monday and then stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to finish an assignment that was due on Tuesday. As you can imagine, my sleeping patterns went completely whacked and I’ve been trudging through the week like a zombie waiting excitedly for the weekend to come! Unfortunately, now I’m onto a 10 page assignment that’s due next Monday!

Anyway, enough with my extraneous rambling. Now onto the main purpose of this post…

I have made a new discovery:

Planet Cake!

I bought their book the other week and decided to pay a visit to their website to find out more about them. Planet Cake is an Australian company and is situated in the main cities of Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne etc. Even though they specialize in cakes and not cupcakes, I can’t help but gasp in awe at how amazing these cakes look! (PS: Sorry that the photos are blurry!)

Their topsy-turvy cakes are so perfect and look at the Dr Suess one!!! Dr Suess’ Cat in the Hat is one of my most favourite characters and I actually own the hat! And the wedding cake with the muscle guy carrying his wife is so adorable. Makes me want to consider having a comical cake like that for my own wedding.

I’ve put a picture of the book that I bought below and  if you live in Auckland, it can be bought at Milly’s – click here for the link.

Hope you all get inspired by these photos because I can assure you that once I get this next assignment out of the way, I’m going to challenge myself with one of these master pieces! I bet mine won’t look as good but I’m definitely going to try. Of course I’ll probably start with a simple round cake with some… erm… circles and stars? Yay for cookie cutters! Haha.

SYL! xoxo


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