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The Keep Cup

Coffee and chocolate are two of my most favourite things in the world.

SinceĀ  moving to New Zealand, I’ve been drinking aroundĀ  2 to 3 coffees a day! However over the past few months (call me slow), I’ve come to realize the global crisis of coffee cup wastage! The stats are horrendous and I’ve decided to take a stand against using and throwing the hundreds of take away coffee cups that I’ll probably be using in my life time.

Last week, I discovered The Keep Cup! Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Keep Cup is made out of polypropylene #5 and is therefore 100% recyclable. They come in barista standard sizes and you can pick and choose your colours to customize your own personal cup! It also has a movable seal so that no liquid will spill out of the cup when you’re transporting it in your bag!

I’ve bought my own Keep Cup and you can be sure that I’ll be using it wherever I go! Exciting!!!

They can be bought from the official KeepCup website or if you’re living in New Zealand, I have seen them in Benson Road Deli in Remuera and Chiasso Coffee in Devonport. I’m sure they can be found in many other up to date cafes.

To get to the official Keep Cup webiste, click here!

Now you can drink as many cups of coffee as you want and know that you’re doing your part to save the environment : )

Personally, I’ve struggled with the mentality that I’m only one person and therefore can’t make that much of a difference. But what most of us need to remember is that all the history makers that have made it into the books have only been one person too.

Each of us can make an impact if only we dared to believe.


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