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Candy land sugar high!

So here are the pictures of the hard work put into baking and decorating approximately 460 mini cupcakes for the St Cuthbert’s Candyland themed ball!

Half the cupcakes were to be bright, crazy looking Willy Wonka colours while the other half were to be pastel, tea party, Alice in Wonderland colours.

I finished baking all the cupcakes Thursday night and the next day, a few amazing ladies came over to help decorate! We had so much fun just being creative and having sugary, therapeutic session. Thanks so much ladies, for being such an amazing help!

The final product!

The week before, my friend Amanda and I went to the lolly shop in Mt Eden to scout around for lollies to use on the cupcakes. We managed to snag some willy wonka candy and lolly pops which were smashed up to be sprinkled on the top of some of them. (It was actually our first time in the shop and the guy behind the counter was shocked that we hadn’t visited them before! I’d love to work there for a part time job any day!)

So other than that, I bought jelly beans, sprinkles, jaffas and lots more so as to make them suit the theme of the ball.

I must admit, at first I was too afraid to take on the challenge to make so many cupcakes. In the end though, I have no regrets stepping out of my comfort zone and to my surprise, it wasn’t really that hard! Just a whole day of mixing, pouring, playing with the oven and singing to songs off you tube while dancing in the kitchen! Very multitasking indeed.

And again, I wouldn’t have been able to complete everything without my amazing mother and my other helpers so thank you so much! I am truly blessed 🙂




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Spent the last few days preparing, baking & decorating a total of 460 mini cupcakes for the St Cuthbert’s ball and now my journey has finally ended!

It was such a huge challenge and I have many many amazing ladies and friends to thank!

My sister, Ann looked absolutely gorgeous too.

More pictures to come! Otherwise check them out on facebook 🙂



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