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Presenting the birthday tower that I made for my darling Mags’ 21st birthday party last night!

Vanilla cupakes with lemon buttercream frosting,

plus a plain buttercake on the top.

The party was a blast and i’m glad the birthday girl enjoyed herself!

I’ll be posting more behind the scene photos soon!




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My sister had her 16th birthday party last weekend and I made her a Tiffany & Co. cake because I knew dad & mum were giving her a bracelet for her birthday 🙂

The Process:

Ann wanted a silver and pink theme for her party but at the same time she wanted it to be sophisticated instead of too baby-ish. So mum and I were set on using plates, flowers and ribbons to give main food table a look that Ann was looking for. The food itself wansn’t colour coordinated because unfortunately, teenagers only like certain kinds of unhealthy fast food. We also had pink macaroons and other gourmet sweets to try and add some kind of colour coordinated touch!

Final product!

Spot the real box?

The End!


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A few weeks ago I was given the job of baking a few cupcakes for my mother’s friend’s morning tea-slash-birthday party. Mum and I were trying to choose elegant cupcake holders to give the stand a more… womanly look. But then we were told to choose young, girly cupcakes holders because the rest of the party things were young and colourful to make her feel like a little girl again!

My first reaction: YAY!

I definitely prefer light summer colours for a morning tea birthday party. Plus, I got to use the pink and green polka-dot holders that mum brought back for me form Wellington ages ago.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon flavoured Butter Cream Icing.

I used this design for a girls welcome event last year and since I didn’t have time to think of anything else exotic, I decided to repeat what I know I was good at. I used a different recipe because I couldn’t find my CrabApple cook book so I ended up taking MANY hours stirring in more and more icing sugar till the buttercream was the right consistency to pipe. Rather annoying really.

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the final product. I stuck down thick purple and green striped ribbon on two borders of the square board and surprisingly, the colour theme I chose went perfectly well with the colours of the other party decorations. Yay!

It was the first time I put flavour into the butter cream I must say i MUCH prefer it to normal butter cream which is just too sweet for me. Overall, they turned out well and the ladies enjoyed the cupcakes very much so I’m pleased 🙂

SYL! xoxo

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