Spring Weekend

Despite the horrid, windy weather here in Auckland, the coral pink peonies that sit in front of me on my desk never fail to cheer me up (although they do have a subtle scent that seems to irritate my nose a little). Peonies seem to be almost every girls favourite flower I’m definitely no exception!

Well the weekend is here and I’m concentrating on post-wedding errands, preparing for the parents to return from Singapore, and planning for birthday and Christmas excitement! I always look forward to party planning.

Have a great weekend! xoxo


Homemade Granola

Some weekends, I love waking up before everyone else to have some peace and quiet and do my own thing. Last weekend I decided to make granola so I could start my sister and new hubby on a healthy daily breakfast (as opposed to the usual staple coco pops).


I included cranberries, raisins, apricots, dried apples, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, oats and many more delicious additions!

Store in a large jar and leave it on the kitchen counter for easy reach.

Then served with light vanilla or natural yoghurt and a little bit of milk. Yummy!

Movie Night!

Chanced upon a Movie Night inspiration by Camille Styles and absolutely fell in love with the idea. We often have DVD nights with friends but nothing much quite like this! . Check out their behind-the-scenes video for great ideas Behind-the-Scenes :: Movie Night!.

Definitely setting the mood for the weekend!


The girls and I are having a bartender come to the house and it’s gonna be nothing but free flow of our fave 3 cocktails, dancing, music & of course, lots of talking! CAN’T WAIT!

Sublime Beauty

So I’m at that age where my friends and I are feeling nervous about getting old, entering the seemingly never ending gloom & doom of the workforce, getting married, responsibilities, bills and saggy – everythings. I chanced upon Garance Dore’s post about sublime beauty and decided that from this day forward, I will prioritize to age with grace and never be ashamed of how old I am. Why should it matter anyway!



Quoted from Garance Dore:

I have the most sublime friend, the kind of friend that is just so sublime you want her opinion on everything: what kind of moisturizers she uses (you never know, sometimes sublimity is found in small fancy packages), what kind of diet she follows (seeing as you are what you eat, she probably eats really cool stuff) and where she gets her bike fixed (sublime women know everything. Everyone knows that).

So of course, I was in the middle of asking her a million questions when out of nowhere, I asked her how old she was.


And you know what?

She didn’t know.

No seriously. She didn’t know how to answer my question.

She thought about it and ended up telling me that one thing she could tell me was that… She wasn’t 30.

I was surprised, embarrassed for having asked, and also I found that charming.

I should add though that I knew my friend wasn’t 20, and so obviously, not anywhere near 30. Proof that sublimity is ageless. So why try put it in a box and ask her age?

At the same time, I think the modern woman should have no problem saying her age like Inès de la Fressange who talks openly about her 50 years on this earth and makes being 50 super cool? And she is no less sublime and no less charming. And maybe even more so, because speaking openly about your age is a perfectly seductive trait.

I don’t know what to think.

Do you tell people your age?

What… Me?

Of course I tell people my age!!!

I just turned 18.

Cakepop Adventure


Some friends and I spent an entire Saturday baking cake pops till we went insane. The cakepops are standing in a random mess because we couldn’t be bothered making them look beautiful by the end of the night!


The cakepops were red velvet and we used both white and milk chocolate to coat them. We also made surprise red-velvet and vanilla cupcakes with stars and hearts in them!

Baking is such a great way of bonding but man, one can really get sick of cake eating without eating any.

Summer Influence


I know it’s Winter in Auckland but I can’t help but be in love with the bright solid colours we’re seeing in Zara‘s summer collection. I really dislike wearing only dark colours (black… black… and more black… ) in winter anyway. Bright colours just make winter so much…. happier!!



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